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#WithoutBorder: EP.1 - 'Murdered By My Mother'

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#WithoutBORDERS is Ape Media’s new social justice media-arts leadership project for TLGBQ (Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer) young people from the African -Caribbean Community aged 14-21 years in East London. The film deals with homophobia within the home, Black culture and love; in it’s different forms. Sexuality is not a subject often discussed in the black home and when it is, it’s generally met with a quick dismissal or negativity. Many black TLGBQ young people are forced to live in fear of what would happen if their closest and dearest knew the “Truth” about them. But, even more so within the black community, when their sexuality is known, most are disowned. This film shows how quickly the seed of homophobia grows, and produces roots of depression and separation, resulting in families never truly knowing one another or in some cases, leading to an emotional and tragic end.

#WithoutBORDERS builds community and takes youth leadership in defining their issues and solutions; producing thought-provoking media expressing the unique stories and perspectives of TLGBQ young people. The film will be used to facilitate discussions, and enter into public debates about issues that impact the lives of black and disadvantaged TLGBQ young people.

Director: Jae Marcus X

Producer: Trevor Blackman

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