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Wetwheels Anti-Anxiety Video

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Wetwheels has 5 custom-built, fully-accessible motor boats taking more than 5,000 people a year, all ages and all disabilities, on waters around the UK, 80% of whom for the first time. Feedback tells us there are high levels of pre-trip anxiety. Subsequent, post video f/b tells us this video has helped to allay those fears with 100% satisfaction post-trip feedback.


We needed a quality video to show new and prospective beneficiaries what to expect on their first Wetwheels experience. The video will need to serve two primary functions;

  • To allay any pre-trip anxiety felt by the beneficiaries
  • To demonstrate the safety aspects of our voyages to provider agencies and care workers / parents

We know that many of our disabled beneficiaries arrive with little or no understanding of what they will experience on a Wetwheels trip. This anxiety can manifest as a fear of getting on the boat. We want a video that beneficiaries can watch in advance of their visit so they are prepared and there are no surprises. The video will also help to explain to care workers the attention to detail we apply for safety on the voyage. We anticipate running time to be between 3 and 4 minutes maximum.

The video will need to be uploadable to our website / YouTube. It will also be used in fundraising presentations and conferences (via digital projection).

The video must convey the following; key themes (no particular order);

  • Fun
  • Exhilarating
  • All-inclusive /all disabilities
  • Safe
  • Fast

Key video elements that would need including;

  • Arrival at marina
  • Meet the Wetwheels team
  • Descending pontoon
  • Lifejacket donning
  • Embarking / disembarking the vessel (use of ramp)
  • Securingf wheelchairs
  • Safety briefing by skipper
  • Steering (everyone, including wheelchairs can steer)
  • Interviews with:

o Geoff Holt (conceiver of the Wetwheels concept)

o Care worker (to say why their clients like to use Wetwheels)

Target audiences of the video are any of the following;

  • The disabled community themselves (to raise awareness of what we do so they want to find out more and come along to join us)
  • Care homes / Respite centres (to encourage them to bring along their disabled clients – to allay their fears)

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