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The Story of Sam King MBE

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The Black Heroes Foundation celebrates Black Heroes. It is a young, small charity registered in October 2016, to preserve the legacy of Flip Fraser and his iconic show Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame. It educates and engages communities in order to increase self-knowledge, raise self-esteem and empower people. Their activities go into the community, schools, food bank cafes, libraries, elders lunch clubs, universities, any space where it is able to engage with young, old and diverse people. Its vision is "A world where Black Heroes are acknowledged, respected and celebrated". It uses the arts to share, educate and celebrate - Edutainment. Film is just one of its mediums. The Story of Sam King, is the first film that the organisation has made, with a small budget from the Southwark Neighbourhood Fund.

This film has an important story to share. One which offers inspiration, courage, faith and dedication. Joyce Fraser of Black Heroes Foundation meets with family members and others on a journey of discovery to tell his story of Sam King through a series of interviews.

Jamaican born Sam King MBE was the founder of the Windrush Foundation and first Black Mayor of Southwark. He was one of Britain's modern social architects who served in World War 2 and returned to Britain on The Empire Windrush in 1948. He eventually becoming involved in many activities that moved the U.K in a direction where the nation would acknowledge a new type of diversity, culture and politics.

We would like to thank Sam Kings' son and granddaughter, Pastor Michael King and Dione , together with Dr Patrick Vernon OBE and Dawn Hill Chair of Black Cultural Archives, for their participation in the making of this documentary.

The film is directed by reformed offender Quince Garcia, assisted by Young Youth at Risk in Southwark.

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