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The Pelican

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Young people are the future of our planet.

While we can agree that schooling is vital for them to get ahead in life, the modern system is far from perfect. Not all knowledge can be learnt from books, and not all lessons can be taught in a stuffy classroom.

Our video shows young people working together with experienced scientists on our tall ship Pelican. In a short space of time, they gain a thorough understanding of our biggest climate issues; and what we can do to prevent them. By taking it in turns to participate in everything from scientific research, navigation and climbing the masts to helping in the galley; our young people are required to collaborate, overcome challenges and hone their theoretical as well as practical skill sets. This all comes together to foster their personal development, inspire passion and give them essential life experiences.

Since 2008 the charity Adventure Under Sail has provided transformational adventures at sea for young people from all backgrounds. Re-engaging those who do not thrive on lesson written on whiteboards and confined between four walls. We encourage equality, inclusivity and respect through challenging adventures aboard what most would describe as a pirate ship!

With us, perseverance, initiative, leadership and strong work ethic prevail, and for every achievement, confidence is gained. Many of the young people have never visited the sea or sailed before boarding Pelican. We are passionate about letting them experience a new world of possibilities and increasing their awareness of diverse career options.

Combining sail training with ocean science provides young minds with an experiential and practical environment. Young people can ask questions, enquire, be curious and even critical - bringing environmental conservation into the forethought of everything we do. Our goal is to create a future of respect, progression, and prosperity for both our young people and our planet.

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