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Educating the Future

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Just 1 in 3 Africans attend secondary education, yet a child whose mother can read is half as likely to die before the age of 5 and each extra year of secondary education means that a girl can earn as much as up to 20% more, which is enough to take her family out of poverty.

An educated girl is able to define her own fulfilling life.

COINS Foundation believes that with privilege comes the responsibility to do something and the ability to make a difference and so we support a wide range of social initiatives and work closely with our charity partners to help to create a better future.

PEAS is a growing network of low-cost secondary schools in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing a quality education to over 15,500 children across Uganda and Zambia. Working together with PEAS and the local government we can work to provide an affordable and sustainable solution that enables students, both male and female, from some of the poorest parts of Africa to continue their education. An education that can help young people lead fulfilling and socially responsible lives.

Join us in supporting PEAS students and teachers today, and help more families and children benefit from the power of quality education.

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