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Now She Can See

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Now She Can See tells the story of Kotido, a school boy from the Karamojong tribe in Northern Uganda who is taking the lead to empower his community to eliminate trachoma - the world's leading infectious cause of blindness.

Trachoma is caused by a bacteria most commonly found in poor, rural communities where there is limited access to clean water and sanitation. It is responsible for the visual impairment of over 1.9 million people globally. Repeated infection causes scar tissue to develop in the eyelid, causing them to turn inwards and with every excruciating blink, the eyelashes scrape the surface of the eye, causing irreversible damage. It is a disease that locks families into a cycle of poverty: Parents are forced to stop working, children drop out of school to care for and provide for their families.

Yet every case of blinding trachoma could have been prevented.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is working with members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control to help eliminate trachoma in 12 countries across Africa and in the Pacific where trachoma is endemic. Surgery is provided to people with the blinding stage of the disease; vital antibiotics are distributed to communities at risk; and people are informed about trachoma and how it can be prevented by simple measures such as hand and face washing.

Uganda has made great steps towards eliminating this prehistoric disease, and it's thanks to people like Kotido that millions of people across the country are now free from the risk of losing their sight to trachoma.

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