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Freeman Street Regeneration - Time for Change

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The Enrolled Freemen of Grimsby are the descendants of the Borough Burgesses who oversaw the administration and development of Grimsby from the First Town Charter of 1201 until the Reform Acts of the 1800’s. Now a registered charity, with our activities governed by the Pastures Acts of 1849 and 1949, we remain substantial landlords in the East Marsh of Grimsby adjacent to the historic fish docks. It is here that we operate an award-winning in-door market described as the greenest market in Britain owing to the innovative use of renewable technology. The area has undergone massive change in recent years with the demolition of 6 x 15 storey blocks of flats and 86 maisonettes which were built by the Council in the 1960’s but transferred to a new Housing Association in 2005. The indications are that these homes will not be replaced. The Freemen took control of a 3 acre partially derelict 1960’s shopping centre adjacent to the market in March 2018 and so far have demolished around half of it to make way for a new £7m YMCA Centre; it is hoped to build a mixture of new community-led retail and residential units on the remainder of the site.

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