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The Evolution of Testicles

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How do you start a conversation on male cancer? How do you grab peoples attention in an already oversaturated media and social media frenzied world? Well imagine... an hot air balloon... a giant.. 100ft pair of flying testicles.. flying above your house, your office, your town or city. Now imagine our beloved charity ambassador, Ireland's own Hollywood legend, Mr Chris O'Dowd flying in the balloon and telling you all about our amazing campaign! The Evolution of Testicles is a ground breaking charity film designed to start a conversation on male cancer. Designed to push the boundaries of innovation and flight, to push the boundaries of VR film making and to raise awareness and reduce embarrassment of Testicular Cancer. Our charity wrote and produced this film ourselves and inspired Facebook Oculus to fund the project as part of their VR for Good program. Our campaign was designed to be a showcase of awareness raising and inspire support to start a conversation on male cancer.

At Male Cancer Awareness Campaign we are a tiny charity with just one member of staff. We are bold, we are daring and we lead on charity innovation. We have always pushed the boundaries with our campaigns, however this film has set a new bar for us. We are so, so proud of what we have achieved with this film. Just take a look at the credits to see just how many people gave their time, support and resources to make this campaign happen, directed by Ryan Hartsell and co written by charity founder and CEO Patrick Cox. Now...hold on to your hats! Let us take you on an amazing VR 360 film journey. Make sure you stay until the very end for a bonus scene. We give you...The Evolution of Testicles. ( VR Headset is recommended for the ultimate viewing experience.)

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