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NHCM creates experiences which are innovative in their design to make the Holocaust relevant to today. We do this through deeply engaging content that connects in relevant and contemporary ways. Through film, music and social media we communicate positive universal values, clearly and unpretentiously whilst connecting young people to each other and to social action.

The film tells the story of Janine, who survived the Holocaust thanks to a stranger named Edek, who hid her for a year in a hole beneath a stable floor. She only knew him by his first name. After the war, she never saw him again.

The film was a central component of our Building a Safer Britain Together project which, so far, has directly supported 6,000 young people to counter extremism and promote positive universal values in their school communities.

Winning 8 awards at 20 film festivals, viewed online an estimated 32 million times, and covered by ITV, Radio 5 Live, Evening Standard, The Independent, Lad Bible and Daily Telegraph (see, Edek has helped us reach new audiences. Janine and Kapoo (the rapper in the video), also participated in a Q&A session on Reddit. Broadcast to 1.8million, it attracted 2,000 comments, 35,900 positive ratings, and 1 million views in its first 24 hours – a huge success (outperforming Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Oliver when they appeared in this Reddit slot) which highlights the potential for engaging new audiences through digital content and inspiring them to challenge hatred and persecution.

After 74 years’ search, the film even helped us trace the man who saved Janine’s life.

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