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  • Sally Phillips

Blue Ventures Conservation - Rebuilding Tropical Fisheries with Coastal Communties

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A quarter of humanity lives near the coast, largely in the species-rich tropics, home to our planet’s most important yet most threatened marine biodiversity.

Many of the people who live around tropical coasts depend intimately on this biodiversity; tropical seas provide jobs and income for hundreds of millions of people, and food for many more.

Yet the globally important coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses and lagoons that underpin the food security and traditional coastal livelihoods of many of our planet’s most vulnerable populations are in steep decline.

In Madagascar, one of the poorest countries on earth, a growing number of coastal communities have declared locally managed marine areas (LMMAs) using customary local laws as a means of rebuilding local fisheries and protecting threatened marine biodiversity. This approach has proven to be a cost-effective, scalable and socially acceptable solution to the challenges facing one of Africa’s largest marine environments.

These LMMAs are safeguarding food security, tackling coastal poverty, and strengthening community resilience to climate change. Over the last decade alone, a grassroots network covering over 17% of Madagascar’s seabed has evolved, demonstrating the inherent scalability of approaches that are grounded in managing our seas at the local level.

Marine conservation organisation Blue Ventures is taking decisive steps to magnify this approach: exchanging experiences across countries, markets and languages to empower communities to scale up and replicate their marine conservation efforts. This short film explores Blue Ventures’ mission and its holistic approach to rebuilding tropical fisheries with coastal communities.

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