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50 years of nurture

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Nurtureuk is a charity that exists to provide sustained mental health and wellbeing support to children and young people throughout their education. We develop and facilitate the implementation of nurturing interventions in educational settings to benefit the rising number of children and young people with social, emotional and/or mental health (SEMH) and those at risk of exclusion. We deliver training to provide these interventions and consultancy support to education professionals and schools throughout the UK to provide the most effective support to pupils through nurturing approaches.

Nurture groups are our most well-known and widely used intervention. They are structured teaching groups of 6 to 10 pupils run by two trained members of staff for pupils showing signs of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties – particularly those who are experiencing disruption or distress outside of school. They are founded on evidence-based practices and offer a short-term, inclusive, targeted intervention that works in the long term.

This year marks 50 years since the first nurture group was established. For 50 years, nurturers have been helping to promote and support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. The brainchild of educational psychologist Marjorie Boxall, nurture groups were first established in Hackney, and soon spread to other parts of London and beyond by word of mouth.

In the years that have followed there have been setbacks. Nurturers have faced opposition. Yet despite this, thousands of children's lives have been transformed through nurture.

Over the course of the year nurtureuk will be celebrating nurture and all the nurturers that have fought for children's mental health and wellbeing for half a century.

Click here to visit our #50yearsofnurture page where you can find out more about our anniversary and the activities we have planned across the year:

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