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Charity Film Awards - Covid-19 Update

As we face these times of uncertainty, our top priority is the health and well-being of our charity partners and the communities you support.

All of our lives are being impacted by Covid-19 and it has become impossible for us to deliver the physical event that we want to create for you.

Because the next few weeks will continue to be so unpredictable, we have taken the difficult decision to change some of the processes involved in Charity Film Awards and adapt the event that we will organise. In so doing, we are taking several things into account: safety and welfare, the need to time delimit the voting campaign and our desire to celebrate as many of the films as possible.

As such, this year’s Charity Film Awards Gala will become a digital event, but a digital event that we believe will help everyone involved further engage audiences and maximise the impact of your films. Additionally, for the first time ever, we will award a People’s Choice Winner in each turnover category. We will also create an opportunity for all the shortlisted charities to drive views of their films as part of the digital event.

Please rest assured that any changes we are making are purposeful and designed to help us all promote the films in the awards and the amazing work the charities do.

We will be providing detailed information about timescales and next steps early next week. (w/c March 23rd).

We hope to showcase all the winning films at a celebratory screening when the conditions are more favourable.

Thank you for being part of the Charity Film Awards. Over 400 charity films entered the awards this year and nearly 100,000 members of the public have already voted. The campaign has driven millions of additional views for the films involved as well as extensive PR and social media conversations for the charities taking part.

It is our purpose to promote all of the shortlisted films and their causes and we remain determined to do so.

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