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Quentin Willson

Quentin Willson is the car bloke who saves us billions. In the 90s he campaigned to bring new car prices in line with the rest of Europe, saving UK consumers £3 billion. Since 2011 his two million signature FairFuelUK campaign has torpedoed every single planned fuel duty rise from The Treasury. His efforts have been described by The Guardian as ‘the most successful lobbying campaign in modern British political history’, saving UK households and businesses £100 billion in fuel duty and VAT. Even The Treasury admitted that the positive uplift to the economy ‘will be felt for decades to come.’

He joined the original Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson back in 1989, appearing weekly on BBC 2 for 15 years. Quentin also created The Car’s The Star, his own classic car programme and is the owner and creator of the Worst Driver TV format which is now broadcast in 14 different countries.He’s worked on motoring consumer stories with C5s Fifth Gear, BBC Watchdog, Tonight with Trevor McDonald, Panorama, Newsnight and many more. He’s the co-founder of The Classic Car Show broadcast in 50 international territories.

A staunch advocate of better driving standards, Quentin has for many years campaigned for driving to be included in GCSE schools syllabus and is a staunch supporter of under 17 driver training. Quentin is patron of the National Association of Driving Instructors and regularly lobbies the Transport Select Committee, Department for Transport and Government ministers on better training for young drivers. He is also Chairman of Stratford-upon-Avon Town Trust - a £60m 500-year-old endowed charity.

He’s a regular face on TV and radio shows including BBC Breakfast, ITV Good Morning Britain, Radio 4’s The Today Programme and Radio 5 Live, writes a motoring column for Classic Cars Magazineand is the author of 10 best-selling motoring books. He won Motoring Writer of the Year in 2004 and is a BAFTA film judge. Quentin’s father was a celebrated Bletchley Park code breaker during the Second World War and was the first to break the Italian version of the Enigma code in 1943.

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