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Kevin Cahill

Former Chief Executive, Comic Relief and Founder at Sports Relief

A founder, leader, creative, writer, speaker, strategist, deliverer, budget balancer and builder of loyal and committed passionate teams.

21 Red Nose and Sport Relief campaigns raising over £1 billion allocated at home and across the world to help tackle poverty and social injustice.

Founder of Sport Relief.

Imaginer of a new genre of celebrity challenge with 25 completed inspiring the public to help drive social good.

Took Comic Relief from a 20 person start up to a national institution of 300 staff and £100 million a year turnover.

Leader of the two biggest fundraising events in the world.

Inspired and built a growing network of committed supporters to include artists, sportsmen and women, corporate CEO's, social networks, institutional and political leaders and the public.

Crisis and media management and public spokesperson.

Board chair and member experienced in corporate governance and statutory regulation. Boat lover, amateur chef, traveller, footballer, family man.


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