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Annabelle Risdon

Director and Head of Partnerships at Give as You Live

As Director and Head of Partnerships at Give as You Live Ltd, Annabelle has spent over a decade helping develop innovative technology and core partnerships to maximise unrestricted revenue streams for UK charities. With over 20 years’ experience in commercial sales, she has been eternally committed to making a significant impact to the Third sector, helping raise nearly £11 million in donations for UK charities.

Annabelle is dedicated to actively inspiring others with her giving ethos and continuously building long-standing partnerships across various industries. She is a Member of the Corporate Engagement Board at ‘Battersea Dogs Home’, Board Member at ‘The Executive Association of Great Britain (EAGB)’ and has strong links to the ‘Television and Radio industry (TRIC)’, ‘Global Woman Club’ and the ‘Venus Movement’.


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